Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Texas Tech National Anthem

The two young girls on the right are six years old. The two in the middle are seven and the one on the left is eight.


Bekah said...

Oh I love that! I did a youtube search on them and found some other songs of theirs - MAN they're good!

Tsofah said...

Awesome! For being so young, they sing exceptionally well! Great harmony!

Malott said...

For me, the most amazing thing about these young girls is their ability to discern chord progressions... You see this rarely in children so young. You have to have a special ear for this.

Christina, I'm sure, knows more about how rare this is, than do I.

Christina said...

I'm a firm believer that you can't teach talent like that. Those girls were born with that ability and they are fantastic.

I wish I had that kind of voice at 30!