Sunday, October 25, 2009

Euphemism for the Day

"Spending eternity without Christ..."



Tsofah said...

...would be a hot time, in not a good way.

...would be spending eternity away from Him.

...would be a real bummer.

SkyePuppy said...

Because "burning in eternal hellfire" might hurt somebody's feelings.

Malott said...

I heard it on a "Prime Time America" podcast today... made me want to spit up on my shoes. Have heard the same from James McDonald.

I believe it's a compromise... A bowing down to the culture... A deliberate man-made improvement on scripture in an effort to be more successful in selling Christianity to the masses. These men aren't impressed with the abilities of the Holy Spirit to change hearts... And so they glory in their own persuasive words... Probably secrectly wondering what God would ever do without them.

Or maybe they're just avoiding persecution by being too cool to do Hell... Don't want the media to think they're Bible thumpers.