Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Conservatives' Clinton

Democrats still capable of experiencing shame... And they are becoming fewer in number every day... Didn't like the way Bill Clinton behaved around women.  But they loved the way he could stick it to the Republicans.

Conservatives are torn right down the middle concerning Newt Gingrich.  Some simply can't live with his past indiscretions, but they all love the way he verbally skewers the people and policies that are disfiguring this once beautiful nation.

Democrats are apoplectic in their hatred for Gingrich because he is so good at denuding their icons.  They say they hate him because he is a womanizing scoundrel.

But I figure it this way... If clean cut, family man, and Boy Scout Mitt Romney were laying the same blows to The Left, The Dems would hate him just as much.



Delta Vines said...

Newt missed the deadline for getting on the primary ballot in Missouri. Not a good idea.

Malott said...

I don't understand the need for a deadline so far ahead of the primary. And I can think of some very good reasons for late entries... and the voter should not have to write in their names.

Delta Vines said...

The way to (in a round about way) vote for Newt in Missouri is to vote "uncommitted". Our primary isn't a usual primary this year - and no delegates will be "assigned" yet. It's a caucus year for Missouri - and if there are enough "uncommitted"'s to beat out all other votes, then they will go to Newt. I wish Missouri wasn't a "winner take all" state. Even if 49% of the people want one candidate, and 51% want another, ALL the delegates go to the 51%. Just doesn't seem right.