Saturday, January 07, 2012

Faith and Time

One of the most interesting and universal characteristics of mankind is that it struggles to explain its existence.  Atheistic science has come up with The Big Bang Theory which suggests that the components of the universe were once concentrated in an inconceivably dense glob of matter which subsequently exploded.  Then on earth, the first living cell somehow came together and produced an ever evolving carbon based life.

But I've yet to hear an explanation of why there is a three dimensional universe composed of space, matter, and energy.  It's a universe governed by the laws of cause and effect and yet what could be the cause of such a universe?  Why does it exist?  Where did the matter come from?  We see its effects, but what caused it to be? 

So much of what we see is in our universe is explained away by leaning upon time.  The evolution of life took time.  The light that reveals the existence and movement of galaxies took time to reach our eyes.  But time does not create space or matter.  Time does not create energy.  Time causes us to look back at a cause and effect universe only to find that there is no explainable cause for what we see.

Time is the problem.  It points forever backwards and begs for a beginning... And then asks, "What happened before that?" 

I believe that when God created the universe, He created time... And that He exists independent of His time creation and physical laws.  It's impossible for me to understand, but it's also impossible for me to imagine anything else.

And it's no accident of evolution that every culture on every part of the planet shares the need to explain its existence.   We were created to worship and to glorify the Creator. 

So I have Faith... because I know that I, and what I see are not independently possible... And all the time in the world can't alter that fact.


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