Friday, January 06, 2012

Is Jerry Sandusky Gay?

As you probably know, former Penn State Defensive Coordinator Jerry Sandusky is rumored to have showered with, and forced himself sexually upon, young boys. 

Does that mean he is gay? 

I attended a Christian College, and when we studied Ancient Greece, Mary Renault's The Mask of Appolo was required reading.  There was a fair number of homosexual relationships in the book, (they were handled tastefully)  and the general rule was that the relationships consisted of an older man and a youth, or young boy. 

I just think it's odd that no form of the word homosexual has ever been used in describing the activities of Jerry Sandusky when in fact it is homosexuality in the historical and classic sense.  The ancient world was rampant with this kind of activity.  And, it's what The North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) is all about.

Now granted, the word heterosexuality would not be used in describing an older man molesting a young girl, but that is different.  I know it's different because there is no North American Man/Girl Love Association, or NAMGLA.

You think maybe it's politically incorrect to associate Sandusky's activity with homosexuality?



Grammy said...

Pardon my mixed metaphors, but oh, what a can of worms we weave when first we try to understand homosexuality. I really have a soft spot in my heart for homosexuals. It breaks my heart that Christians will rant venonously about homosexuality as a sin while obviously giving more favored sins like gluttonly a complete pass. But I truly don't understand homosexuality. What I don't get is why effeminate men and masculine women are part of homosexuality picture. I know I'm not supposed to stereotype all homosexuals as effeminate men or masculine women, but, come on...they're certainly a major presence in the gay population. I've been to San Franicisco. Doesn't it make sense that if you're really a homosexual male (and the same principle would apply to females), masculine men would be attacted to masculine men? And wouldn't it mean that you're really heterosexual if you're a masculine man attracted to an effeminate male? This leads me to believe that men who are attracted to boys are probably heterosexuals because boys have many feminine qualities...they are smaller, physically weaker, and smoothe skinned. So I think pedophilia is all about power - not sex - and a pedophile is just a lazy rapist at heart that needs particularly weak victims in order to feel powerful. Ugh.

Malott said...


American Christians are worldly and compromised spiritually to the max, so I agree that it's ridiculous for them to be judgemental over anyone else and his behavior.

My nephew is very outspoken on today's "in your face" gay political movement and also about the health risks involved with this sin... But I think that is consistent with Christian love.

Thanks for writing... You raised some interesting issues that I had never thought of before.

Maybe when sexuality falls from God's plan and becomes deviant, maybe the form it takes doesn't really matter, whether it's homosexuality or the vicarious and voyeuristic watcher of "Grey's Anatomy", "House," and other network shows that are full of fornication, adultery, and idolatry of all kinds.

Grammy said...

What you said...I completely agree.