Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dear Ron...

What is it about squirrely little men from Texas with the initials RP?

First we had the egomaniacal Ross Perot whose third party candidacy coaxed a sufficient number of mental midgets away from George Senior in 92' to ensure the election of Reprobate-in-Chief Clinton, the fallout from which our culture will never fully recover. Now, evidently perennial candidate Ron Paul has fallen off the sanity wagon and is considering a third party run next fall.

That's swell Ron. This country won't survive another four years of Obama, but let's gratify those self-absorbed dreams of grandeur you harbor towards your celebrity and stroke that ego... The country be damned.

Look Ron... I get the Libertarian thing, and I think that it's healthy to hear that point of view in the debates. But at some point along the path you need to focus upon your chances of winning, and the unintended consequences of your third party candidacy. Ron, if you love your country you will stop threatening your country with a guarantee of 4 more years of cultural and economic decay... And you know that's what your third party run would mean. You need to do the right thing Ron, and endorse your party's nominee... And you know that your devoted followers (Theirs is not to reason why...) will do whatever you say. They're funny that way. 


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