Saturday, January 15, 2011

Malott Writes from His Deathbed

Actually I'm not really in my deathbed right now... I'm sitting at my computer. But I reasoned that "Malott Writes from His Computer Chair" would get me nothing... no sympathy, no attention... nothing.

For those of you that are paralyzed with worry over my health, my fever was only 100.6 degrees this morning, which is a definite improvement.

So there it is.

Well I'm going back to my deathbed now, where I will be clinging to life. I expect to remain there indefinitely... or until I get hungry or have to pee or something.



Bekah said...

You should have called! I could have brought you food! Because I have indeed been paralyzed with worry.

Malott said...


I blame myself for your paralysis. I know I should have kept my catastrophic illness to myself, but being on deathwatch is such a lonely business.

Bekah said...

oh how I know. I don't know if I've told you this before, but my friend Jenny's husband always says this when he's sick. (For full effect, you have to look as pitiful as possible and barely whisper the words...and draw them out, too.)

"I hope you're never as sick as I am." And then do kind of a dramatic sigh....

Sympathy will abound. (From others. You already have mine.)

Malott said...


"I hope you're never as sick..."

Got it!

Grammy said...

Been there, done that for the last 3 weeks. Finally over it. Hope you're over it soon. Do you have the "up all night coughing up a lung" deal going?

Malott said...

All night coughing with sore ribs, weakening abdominal walls, and projectile loogies.

I'm just thankful for bladder control.

Glad you're better.

Delta said...


This must be one extra crappy virus! I know some of my other friends have gotten laryngitis from yet another brand of flu that is going around.

In all sincerity, I do hope you start feeling better soon. I'm saying a prayer for you today that you will be healing up and feeling better soon.

Although it might be against your principles, you should probably strongly consider taking a day off work to allow yourself to recover.

It's just a suggestion! I'm just sayin....