Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Big Ten Football to Play Division II

A few years ago the nation's sportswriters, geniuses all, decided that Ohio State and Michigan were the two best darn college football teams in the country. And when OSU and Michigan played a close game in their annual Big Ten match up, the sportswriters wrung their hands and hoped the two might meet again in a bowl game for all the marbles. After all, they were still the two best darn college football teams in the country... Because... the sportswriters, geniuses all, said so.

But the rematch wasn't meant to be, and Ohio State and Michigan went to separate bowl games where they both... lost.

This bowl season the Big Ten showed up in force on New Year's Day, losing 5 out of 5 games by a point total of 204 to 102... Including Big Ten Champion Wisconsin losing to Texas Christian... ... ... Yes, Texas Christian. No, really!

While, last night, Ohio State squeaked out a victory over an SEC "also ran," you still have to wonder why bowl season started with 3 Big Ten teams ranked in the Top Ten.

There exists a perennial assumption among sportswriters, geniuses all, that the Big Ten is a top tier football conference... But until those expectations are justified by bowl victories, the Big Ten has no place in The Top Ten.


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