Thursday, January 13, 2011

Malott Has 101.8 degree Fever

And still he works!

Yes I'm writing from my place of employment, almost delusional with fever, but busy saving lives... just the same. (What a guy!)

The problem with working in a small lab is that you're expected to show up for work... And it is always a huge inconvenience to your peers when you call in sick. So here I am... High fever... Painful cough... Chills... Body Ache... And I'd mention this paper cut, but that might sound like whining.

So think of me, my friends... As you sit there comfortably at your computers... Enjoying perfect health.



Bekah said...

Oh no!! Do you need meds? Food? A band aid for the worst paper cut on the face of the earth??

And by the way, KUDOS to you for going in. In our office, you can take off multiple days for the paper cut alone. (Note - I do not, but others do.)

Malott said...


If you're like me, projectile vomiting (or worse) is the only thing that keeps you home from work.

Bekah said...

I am like you. Absolutely. We're so Freelan

Anonymous said...

I would feel very sorry for you cousin, but that was me last weekend. And you do not call off when your "on-call", big no no! Anyway....I do hope your on the mend.

Delta said...

Malott, what about the policies that say stay home cause we don't want your germs here? Sigh. So many say that, few really mean it, I think.

I hope you feel better SOON! If I could, I'd prod Bekah into sending you a care package. However, I'm such a nice person that I would NEVER want her to feel pressured into it. Even if it were your last experience of kindness on this earth.

Even if it meant that five homemade chocolate candy type things would bring you back to your healthy self, I wouldn't prod Bekah into sending a page. NOoooo, not me. Even if it meant you would suffer SO mercilessly.

Bekah - HINT...

mischevious grin here!

Malott said...

Miss Jelly,

Thanks, and yes as long as I have ibuprofen, I will survive! Hope you're well.


Fortunately I don't come into contact with any patients or staff at work.

And don't go guilting Bekah! She sent me a CARE package the last time I was sick... Very nice, but I'm sure she has better things to do with her money and time. Besides, we old bachelors are very adept at looking out for ourselves. Take care.

SkyePuppy said...

I'm so thankful I didn't see this until you were already on the mend! Otherwise I would have had to call in sick from the worry...

Malott said...


I am such a beloved individual. It is surely a cruel burden to all when I'm sick.

Delta said...


I guess you didn't hear about Bekah?

She's "carepackage" guiltproof! There is no way I would be able to inspire her or deter her in sending you a package.

Sigh. I can dream though, can't I?