Thursday, December 31, 2009

The System Worked

I found this picture of Janet "Nappy" Napolitano on Michelle Malkin's site, pictured here as "Nappy" the Homeland Security Clown.

Nappy stated that "the system worked" after the pantie-bomber failed to blow up the Detroit bound flight on Christmas Day. The following day she said the system failed.

I think she was right the first time.

The system is not geared to efficiently screen young Muslim men before they board jets. The system is not about preemptively striking against terrorists and winning this undeclared and unprecedented war we're in. The system is politically correct. The system waits for terrorists to strike and then assigns them a lawyer.

The system worked. It's a bad system... But it worked.



SkyePuppy said...

The system waits for terrorists to strike and then assigns them a lawyer.

You're absolutely right. The Democrat Party is bought and paid for by the trial lawyers, so the lawyers are entitled to compensation for their... uh... political donations. It would be so unfair if we captured terrorists or otherwise prevented them from putting themselves in a position to need an attorney.

No, the Attorney-Bail-Out system is working just fine.

Grammy said...

Actually, the "system" did work. Individual people, without a care for political correctness, tackled the guy and subdued him. It's the only system that works. It just goes to show that the government can make laws and establish policies all day long, but it CANNOT effectively implement them. Only capable people with a vested interest in protecting and providing for themselves AND OTHERS can make things happen. I can hardly wait for government run healthcare!!!!

janice said...

Yep, "Pat" had it right the first time.

The system is geared to protect the sensibilities of the ummah and designed not to offend the traveling, thin-skinned RoP faithful.

So, while the inept Dutch version of the US TSA were checking white women and children for contraband, "Mohammad Wienerschnitzel" waltzed on board with this junk packed with explosives.

Oh the system worked just fine... for the enemy.