Sunday, December 20, 2009

Senator Bayh Neglects Hoosiers

Senator Evan Bayh either isn't very bright, or he just isn't paying attention to his job. I mean, I'm not in Washington and I don't watch C-SPAN, but even I was aware that Mary Landrieu and Ben Nelson sold their votes in exchange for some really sweet deals for their states.

Where's our deal, Evan? You handed over your vote as if it was worth nothing!

Senator Bayh, I pay a great deal in taxes, and I expect some of it to be returned to Indiana in the form of bribes and behind-closed-doors deals. I work hard for the money you guys bribe each other with, and I expect a little more effort out of you.



Tsofah said...

I'm with you Malott! Our state senators OR congressman didn't get anything for our state either! Even Lieberman got something out of this.

Then again, all of us are going to be paying for nothing in the end, I fear.

Well, except Nebraska.

Corruption has rusted a hole through the democratic process that we cannot ignore, this time.

Grammy said...

No kidding! What the hell????