Thursday, December 17, 2009

Oxymoron for the Week

"High Maintenance Man"

I've been observing men and women for a long time now and I've learned this: The average woman has a much larger bag of wants, needs, and expectations than the average man.

Men just want a good friend with shaved legs.

Most men are like "Dennis" in the movie Out of Africa of whom it was said, "Dennis loves to give presents, but not at Christmas."

This line, of course, has nothing to do with gift purchasing.

Nest building is a noble and necessary endeavor. The women who are good at it are priceless... And rarely focused upon the furnishings.

This line, of course, has nothing to do with furniture.



SkyePuppy said...

There really are some high maintenance men.

They usually become abusers...

Grammy said... observation, and, as you know...I have a few more years under my that it only seems that women are higher maintenance. Women's maintenance is frequent nickle and dime stuff. Men's maintenance comes in the form of occasional big ticket items.

She: I want a new dress, a puppy, a new chair, some new plants, new dishes, to go to a movie, new shoes, a new hairdo, new wallpaper...

He: I want a motorcycle

Tsofah said...

Grammy - well said! And accurate!