Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Spirit of Aunt Miranda

I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies and one of the best was Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

Rebecca's Aunt Miranda evidently had heard enough radio to know that it challenged the traditions, beliefs, and general way of life of God-fearing people.  She said, "I know what you show people are, a no-good lot! I took Rebecca out of that unwholesome atmosphere, and I'm not going to put her back into it! She's staying on the farm where I can keep an eye on her."

I've often wondered if the God-fearing people of the 1920's and 30's were concerned about the effects that radio and movies had upon the young of that day.  I wonder if they sensed a gradual decrease in God-fearing and a general increase in world-revering as movies and radio grew in influence.

This morning a little girl, maybe nine years old, was baptized after the worship service.  She was the very picture of innocence.  But by the time she graduates High School, she will have logged thousands upon thousands of hours watching network television whose content would cause Aunt Miranda to have a stroke... And this 18 year old will most likely leave home with a world-view more akin to the writers in Hollywood than the writers of the Bible. 

Oddly, I think that is OK with just about everybody I know.


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