Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sununu Trips Over Black Stereotype

Last night on Hannity, John Sununu said, "Look, let me tell you what the big problem with this president is in my opinion. He is absolutely lazy and detached from his job. When he doesn't go and attended 60% of the detailed presidential daily briefings that come from the CIA and thinks he can just skim it..."

I think we will hear calls of racism over this statement.  You don't tread even close to black stereotypes these days, much less come right out and use one, no matter how on target it is.  And by the time the dust settles, people may think Sununu called Obama a porch monkey.

You can call a black liberal president careless... negligent... imprudent... inattentive.  But you must not call him lazy.

Note:  The term porch monkey is not a part of my upbringing or Hoosier societal experience.  I'm sure I read it on Black and Right or Hip Hop Republican... two interesting Black Conservative sites.


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