Monday, July 30, 2012

A Hoosier Moment

While driving in Kokomo today I arrived at a 4-Way Stop at the same moment two gentlemen in a rust-laden pickup stopped there.  Actually the driver of the truck arrived a split second before I did, but he seemed so deeply engrossed in conversation with his fellow traveler, I continued into the intersection... just as he too decided to cross.  He slammed on his brakes, as would have I, had I not felt committed to my venture.  But I'm sure he understood because he attempted to flash me the peace sign, though in the confusion of the moment he managed only to raise his middle finger. 

But the misunderstanding did not detract from this warm exchange of rural brotherhood.

In his friendly enthusiasm, he followed me for a couple blocks abiding very close to my rear bumper, and in the my rear-view mirror I noticed that he seemed to be shouting... no doubt a polite cordiality of some kind.  And I would have stopped, but time was short... and my schedule denied me of what promised to be a delightful encounter.



Anonymous said...

Been there and done that.. I had a big guy in a lil' Fiat run me out of Mishawaka,(sis city to South Bend),for the very same reason. He was out to get me and I was frightened... Road Rage is scary!! Enjoyed reading about your experience even though it was what it was. Nice writing style. I'm a retired teacher now and Writing is a big deal now in public schools. You get a 10 on a scale of 1-10! Ed Ellis in South Bend, IN.

Malott said...


Always knew you as Eddie... Loved your family.

Your grandmother Shirley babysat for me when I was not quite old enough to be home alone... We watched Gomer Pyle, and before I left she got her Bible and read a bit to me. Wonderful woman.