Thursday, March 29, 2012

Obama-Care, Freeloaders, and Grandma

“The most surprising part of the pushback against the law for me . . . is the part where conservatives hold high the banner of freeloader rights.”
--Melinda Henneberger

I don't like Obama-Care.   I also don't like otherwise prosperous -uninsured people- who come into my hospital needing emergency surgery and expensive care... And we have to treat them... and then we eat the bill.

I would hate the Obama mandate more, if when one of these health care freeloaders gambled and lost, the hospital would own that person until every penny of his bill was paid.

But that's not how it works. 

Obama-Care would be worse, because the government would likely ration its payments to hospitals... (It now pays pennies on the dollar for medicare and medicaid services)...   Hospitals are already cutting back on personnel... Obama-Care would make it much worse.

I'm rambling. 

But on this issue, conservatives are hypocrites.  Obama-Care is a bad idea, but it's not as if conservatives have great ideas on how to pay for exploding health care costs, or how to break it to grandma that there isn't enough money for her open-heart surgery.

Yes, this is America and you think Grandma has a right to have that surgery.  But here's the thing:  The money isn't there.  Doctors and hospital employees aren't going to work for peanuts... anymore than you would.

Sorry Grandma, we're broke.


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