Saturday, March 17, 2012

Flirting with Black Women

I've never lived in, or worked in urban or suburban areas.  My society has always been rural. 

Until now.

Now I work in a hospital near Indianapolis and suddenly there are people in my world who speak, dress, and look different from my neighbors at home.  I have a friend who is Muslim.  I have a friend who is gay.  And, I have black women.

Now here's the thing.  Cute young white women avoid eye contact and conversation with me.  Cute young black women will stop and talk.  I don't know why.  Maybe black girls think I'm harmless.  Maybe they think if I'm white and friendly, then I'm cool.

I'm cool?  This is new.

Now for some black men, having a white girlfriend is a status symbol.  I don't think it's the same for black women who have a white boyfriend.  I think in those cases the white boyfriend eventually gets beat up.

But anyway, this is new for me... talking to black women.  And stranger things have happened.  Maybe I should put my family on notice.  Thanksgiving is just a few months away.  If I bring a date, she just may be... well... ... ... And I'm just saying that if a certain nephew asks me, "Who dat?" ... I will consider it to be in poor taste.



Grammy said...

What hospital? Are you part time? Here's something I've noticed in travel around the country. The farther north you go, the whiter it gets, both in winter ground cover and human diversity. Which I think is why people in northern regions tend to be socially liberal. To them, diversity is a cloud-like dreamy eutopia. It's also why they should stay out of the demographic issues that plague southern regions. I'm not saying that racial and social diversity is a bad thing, It's just that those who live with it should be the ones to manage it. Exception of note: There are an awful lot of manly women that in Maine.

Malott said...


It's a small St Vincent satellite between Fishers and Noblesville... but I just quit and took a part time job at our old haunt. I'm kind of semi-retired.

I love the south. The ignorant and judgemental elite northerners should mind their own business and clean up their own backyard.

Grammy said...

I think you've managed your path toward retirement very well. I bet it's nice to not have the pressure of full time work on you. I'm within 2 years. Rick retired a little over a year ago.