Friday, March 09, 2012

Faith In Our Future

As I consider the direction our country and culture are heading, I'm becoming less emotionally attached to the news of the day.  The prince of this world is posting some pretty impressive victories in our country and in organized religion, but I think it is a predictable phenomenon and should be seen as an expected outcome among the rich. 

I know my anxiety over the economy and politics is directly proportional to my worldliness. 

As the American Culture heads towards its sad end, I cling to the promise that all things work together for good for those who love the Lord.  And as our little corner of the planet becomes poorer and less appealing, the Church will more and more turn its gaze upon eternal things, and remember that this world is not her home.

The God in whom we live and move, and have our being (Acts 17:28)  has no affection for our prosperity, because it only dulls our spiritual senses and retards our Holiness. 

And as our culture decays into idolatry and immorality, the enemy will be revealed with more clarity... And the battle lines will be more easily seen.

The Church will quite naturally turn away from this world and become a more beautiful Bride... Pure... Holy... Set apart.  I believe this is God's plan.  His priority is not our wealth, health, comfort, and happiness... But rather  that we turn from our worldliness and seek Him first.  It will give Him glory, and giving Him glory is our purpose.



SkyePuppy said...

I'm becoming less emotionally attached to the news of the day.

Same with me. I haven't blogged in a while, because I tend to post when I get riled up, and that hasn't been happening. I certainly don't like what's going on in our country, but I don't see a lot of hope for improvement any time soon.

Back in the '80s, when I first learned about Bible prophecy of the End Times, and people or books would outline the symbolism of the enemies of Israel (I haven't looked at that in a while, so I'm operating from ancient memory), there would be the bear from the north and I don't remember the others. But there's nothing that could remotely be America as a force for good OR bad. We're gone from the picture by the time Armageddon happens. Not worthy of any mention at all. I think we're already well on our way to that obscurity.

Thank you for making me think more about how I can do more to stand for God and against the encroachment of evil in our culture.

Malott said...


I still find politics entertaining, but it gives me no joy. The more I turn from the news, Hollywood's entertainments, and the pursuit of physical luxuries, the more I rest in the Lord and experience His peace.

When I pray for the Church, I pray that spiritual dead-beat Dads, Moms, and Leaders will come out and be separate... And make their lives more about honoring God with holy lives... and less about the world.

Grammy said...

The interesting thing here is that the things that made America great, hard work and a willingness to make sacrifices - the Judeo/Christian work ethic - do work. They lead to prosperity. The ironly is that prosperity is numbing, and distracting. A shrinking church would be a good thing.

Malott said...


The enemy's best tactics are cultural polution, and a mocking humanist tolerance. I believe the results of these efforts will be a gradual decay and will cause America to decline into poverty and religious persecution... And as this happens, the numbers attending Sunday services will decline, but the "Church" will grow in numbers and in Holiness.

Grammy said...

I totally agree. I have to tell you that as a Catholic, I am starting to feel the beginnings of real persecution. We have a president who is openly attempting to drive a wedge between Catholic church leadership and laity for the purpose of vote-getting. He will be successful because the majority of people sitting in the pews don't understand their church anyway, so they won't do much to defend it. It may sound silly and like something we deserve for being heirarchical in the first place, but that's a whole other discussion. The point is that our government has taken aggressive steps to officially ostracize a particular religious institution. I can't think of another case of such clear interference in religious freedom. Politically speaking, these are very bad times. Thankfully, Jesus never taught that our political climate has any bearing on our life of faith. My understanding is that to him it was completely irrelevant.

Malott said...


One of my podcast preachers, John McArthur, says that the Church should not be involved in politics in an effort to "moralize" the country. He says our job is to influence souls towards Christ and salvation... Only.

It's funny... The church once cared for the Black Death victims when no one else would, and saved abandoned babies, and helped the poor. It's only because of the Church that slavery is outlawed and social programs have been established. And now that we let the government take over those duties, the government wants to squeeze out the Church and its moral teachings.

Interesting times.