Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Married Minority

The Wasington Post-- Just 51 percent of all adults who are 18 and older are married, placing them on the brink of becoming a minority, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of census statistics to be released Wednesday. That represents a steep drop from 57 percent who were married in 2000.

 In 1960... when most baby boomers were children, 72 percent of all adults were married.

I blame myself.



SkyePuppy said...

Just to throw a little perspective on the numbers:

Baby Boomers are aging, meaning that the number of widowed people is booming compared to past generations. My roommie was married in 2000, but she isn't today. Not because "people aren't getting married." And then there are the divorced who haven't remarried. And the economy is making it harder for people to be well enough on their feet to marry.

It's silly of the WaPo to report the numbers in a way that is more dismissive of marriage than it probably should be.

Besides, you're to blame.

Grammy said...

There probably is some demographic skewing in the statistics, but however it's calculated, it's interesting, and not surprising, that coincidentally the rate of children living in poverty is climbing. But the important thing is for adults to be able to do as they damn well please.

Grammy said...

PS: It's probably not your fault.

Delta Vines said...

Skye and Grammy: thank you for sharing that sometimes statistics can be a bit misleading.

And yes, Malott, I agree with you and Skye that you are definately to blame.

Grammy is just mistaken. (love ya Grammy!)

Merry Christmas Chris, Skye, and Grammy!

Grammy said...

Merry Christmas to y'all. What a great word!