Sunday, December 25, 2011

Deathbeds and Foxholes

Merry Christmas to all the atheists in the world... Especially the tedious ones who try to replace my Christmas expressions with Happy Holidays, Winter Solstice, holiday tree, and all the rest.

In honor of your outrageous and stubborn refusal to believe in God, I've decided not believe in you.

Besides, there is evidence that you don't exist.  I've heard that there are no atheists in foxholes.  I've heard of famous atheists on there deathbed praying to some generic god or shaking their fist at Heaven.

Eternity is in the heart of every human being.  And besides, I really think most atheists do not totally reject the concept of a Creator.  It's the Lordship of Jesus that atheists reject... Many lukewarm believers reject His Lordship, too... You can tell because they live as if their lives are their own.

So, I don't believe in atheists.

And it's Jesus who ticks everybody off... Well, Jesus and Tim Tebow.



Bekah said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS, FRIEND!!! I am thankful for you...have missed chatting with you as much this year. Don't know if you're working or resting today but either way, I hope you have a wonderful day. Hugs to you!

Malott said...

And hugs back at you!

SkyePuppy said...

Merry Christmas, Chris!!!