Tuesday, August 16, 2011

When Modems Die

My ability to enjoy the Internet at home is currently made impossible due to the death of my DSL modem which crashed late last week.  The good people at AT&T are sending a new one for free... which is supposedly faster... And they are giving me a discount  in monthly fees for my trouble...But they are wasting no money shipping it to me.

Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers who offer free WiFi.

I'll be back.



Bekah said...

maddening when the internet goes down. That's why I may or may not have swallowed my pride and good manners and descended upon the home of a friend Saturday night when my power was rudely interrupted by the crashing tree. I had a blogging craving and needed to be near internet. Do you think I should seek therapy?

Malott said...


Should you seek therapy?


But you don't want to wait around and get your words all backed up. Then you try to write and nothing comes out no matter how hard you strain to express yourself.

If you ever should get all verbally backed up, just take your time, take deep breaths, and exhibit something I like to call constipatience.

Good luck.

SkyePuppy said...


No. Because if you need therapy, that means I do too.

My daughter and her roommate can't afford internet service in their apartment, so they go to Starbucks and other fine establishments (or my daughter comes to my house) when they need their fix.

The internet is like air and water. It's a need, not a nice-to-have.

SkyePuppy said...


I am really glad I didn't see Malott's reply before I posted mine. 'Nuff said.

Malott said...


I'm glad you feel so strongly about the internet.

I would miss your writing... No one tells a bra story quite like you. It was riveting... I felt as if I was there.

Bekah said...

You guys are making me giggle!!!

Christina said...

You got actual service from AT&T? And something for free?

Please tell us your secrets, oh great one, because I can't ever get anywhere with them.

Malott said...


The AT&T representative I dealt with was a woman... a heterosexual to be sure, because she was putty in my hands. The charm faucet was in the "on" position.

Actually I just told her I had been a customer for a long time and that I expected a new modem for free, or I would be tempted to go with cable internet. She was very nice.

Delta said...

So sorry about your modem. Hopefully it will be up and running smoothly soon!

Malott said...

Thanks Delta...

Should be this week.