Monday, August 29, 2011

Irene Saves Hundreds

The Telegraph lampoons the television and governmental coverage of Irene, calling it The Perfect Storm of Hype
The surf may have told a story but so too did the sight behind the reporter of people chatting and ambling along the sea front and just goofing around. There was a man in a t-shirt, a woman waving her arms and then walking backwards. Then someone on a bicycle glided past.

I realize there was flooding and property damage, and I'm still a little antsy having not heard from Grammy, but I do not believe that Irene lived up to her wall-to-wall coverage over the weekend.

In fact, my theory is this:  Irene saved lives. 

Think of how many people stayed home over the weekend and did not get killed on the highway.  The way Irene was hyped, I'm sure that every death that could possibly, in any way, be attributed to the storm was meticulously counted and placed in Irene's column.  But how many people didn't die by remaining safely at home with their rented DVD's and gratuitous groceries.

And what about all those people at home with no electricity?  What are they doing to amuse themselves?  How many unplanned pregnancies will be directly attributable to Irene?  Irene was most likely responsible for more new lives than lives taken.

So there you go!



SkyePuppy said...

Oh, but Irene was Very Important, because she hit the Beltway and the rest of the East Coast where Important People live. She wasn't like those hurricanes that hit the hicks in Florida or Mississippi. Doofuses like them aren't worthy of wall-to-wall coverage.

And besides, didn't Obama do so much more magnificently in preventing total destruction than that Evil Bush did with Katrina? The Obamessiah still walks on water.

Grammy said...

Irene who????? :)

Malott said...


I hadn't thought of that... I suppose when a hurricane barrels down upon a bunch of Bible-thumping hicks in Mississippi, it's really not a big deal.


So I assume you're not dead. I hope your comment means that you and your property weren't touched by this killer thunderstorm.

Delta said...

After Katrina, all hurricanes have gotten hype, including those that hit Florida. Sadly, the death toll continues to climb. All the life saving efforts were bourne out by former President Bush in the years past Katrina. President Obama DID inherit this one: better preparedness in a disaster.

Thank you, former President Bush, for making policies that cause us to really pay attention in such situations!