Friday, August 19, 2011

Romney vs Perry
For conservatives, the two front runners for the Republican nomination carry baggage from their days as governors.  As I've said before, you can't get elected governor of Massachusetts sounding like Lester Maddox... And you can't get elected in Texas with a hard line on illegal immigration.

I believe Romney has learned his lesson on health care... Romney-Care was a failure... His other problem is his religion, but I think a Mormon is preferable to Obama's religion... Which is the hate-filled rhetoric of Reverend Wright.  But then there is Romney's recent obsequence to the global warming idiots.... Very troubling.

From what I've read about Perry, he has much to answer for his stand on illegal immigration.  He is definitely a Christian, but so was George Bush, who really didn't represent conservatives on immigration.

There is no perfect candidate...  Just give me the one who can win.


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