Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Weekly Chan

My interpretation: Being a member of organized religion in America is relatively easy, depending upon your social proclivities. Finding the Bride of Christ is a little harder.

I disagree with Chan... He sees the Christian life in very heroic terms... I'm just trying to maintain a relationship and become less of a spiritual coward.

We believers in America are rich. We love the Lord, but we also love the world. We try to find time to pray, but we never miss a Colts game, or our favorite trash-TV drama. We love the world... because when you're rich, the world is good!

And that's why it's easier for a camel to... Well, you know the quote.


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Grammy said...

As usual, I'm days behind, but it's because I've been pondering the idea of the world being "good" for the rich. I'm not so sure I agree on that point because I don't see evidence that the rich are happier than the poor. They may have more exotic stuff to do and buy, but that just gives them (us) more to worry about and be dissatisfied with. I just spent some money buying new appliances and it was stressful and it turns out I'm disappointed in them. Having a portfolio gives you a lot to worry about. If you don't have a ain't worried about it. The rich often are in horrible relationships and cancer strikes them just as it does the poor. I truly don't see that the world is any more "good" for the's just a whole lot more distracting.