Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Election Snippets

1) Nevada: The bad news... America is saddled with Harry Reid. The good news... The Dems and Obama are saddled with Harry Reid.

2) California: This state rejected legal marijuana, and yet voted as if everyone was stoned. The state is heading toward the abyss and the majority is heavily in denial.

3a) Florida: Charlie Crist makes my skin crawl. There is no bigger weasel in American politics... Good riddance.

3b) Florida: The biggest story from last night may prove to be that Marco Rubio stepped onto the national stage.

4) Sarah Palin moves the American voter.

5) Illinois: The Obama seat goes GOP.

6) Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania... The blue fades...

7) Indiana gets back its dignity.

8) The bad news... Dems keep the senate. The good news... Obama can't blame Congress and the tea party will remain viable.

9) Governors and State Legislatures: Last night the road got a little easier for future Republican hopefuls.

10: South Dakota: Kristi Noem is a Republican Hottie!



Grammy said...

I know God is still in charge, but truly...what is to become of California? It is absolutely stunning in it's natural beauty and variety. Whatever kind of environment you love is at it's best somewhere in California. There are no more gorgeous cities than San Francisco and San Diego. I understand why people are so drawn to it. But it's well on its way to complete financial ruin and it will be painful. Since it's such a blue state we're supposed to believe it's full of people with compassion for the poor. After all, they've worked hard to create a sense of sanctuary for the poor for decades. But it is cruel to draw poor people in great throngs to a high cost of living area without jobs for them. What is going to happen in CA will be hardest on the poor because the people with marketable skills will have the ability to pack up their compassionate liberal hearts and move as they become overburdened by taxes. The high tech center of the Silicon Valley has pretty much moved to Texas and North Carolina already where the environment is more business friendly and the cost of living is lower. That leaves the poor without their lifeline. Maybe Hollywood will step up to the plate and save California from going the way of Detroit.

Malott said...


My understanding is that the middle class is leaving California, and the state is rapidly becoming the the land of the very rich and the very poor.

So, there is a shrinking number of electorate that would ever vote for the policies that would fix their problems.

I suppose at some point we'll be asked to bail them out... More directly than we already are... But to what purpose and for how long?