Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Body Cavity Searches

AP WASHINGTON--Under new stringent TSA regulations, body cavity searches will soon be employed at airports across the country to supplement full body scans and pat downs.

To lend support, head of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano volunteered to act as the subject in the training of countless TSA technicians in this new procedure. When asked how she fared in this role, she said, "It really wasn't that bad after the first couple hundred times. I just laid back and enjoyed it."

What have we come to?



Delta said...


Deliver us from ourselves Lord!

Grammy said...

I travel pretty much weekly for work and I am finding myself being viewed nekked at TSA check points with increasing frequency. It's cropping up in a lot of places. In case you's the tip off: If they send you into a box and tell you to put your hands together on top of your head and to make a diamond by putting your pointer fingers and thumbs together...they're lookin' at ya nekked. Supposedly the person looking at you is in a remote location so they can't connect you live with your image (unless you're packing something suspicious of course), but I can't believe someone isn't snickering somewhere. If my only other choice is groping, I'll go for the nekked scanner because it's quicker. I hate it, and it's humiliating, but I'm too old to die on that hill and my livelihood is directly linked to getting through those check points.

I've seen the a way, I feel sorry for the TSA'ers that have to look at all those nekked bodies. I've heard it wistfully said that the human body is a beautiful thing. I live near the beach. I beg to differ. It may function beautifully, but with few exceptions, it ain't beautiful to look at. In fact, I think it's kind of comical. Does the Trinity say to itself, "Let's make one look like this!" and then roll around heaven laughing? I think probably so.

Malott said...


Thanks for the chuckle.

I've seen the scans in news stories, and unless they've been cleaned up, they really don't seem all that revealing. I recently visited a FOX entertainment site that featured celebs in bikinis and those pictures were much more revealing. So... I'd be more concerned about health effects upon frequent travellers... Like yourself.

My favorite is celebs without makeup.