Thursday, August 26, 2010

Muslim Update for September

As you may know, the entire staff at Malott's Blog have two major passions in life... A sincere and unapologetic appreciation for all things Obama... And an unbridled affection for unassimilated Muslim-Americans. It's just who we are.

With this in mind, Malott's Blog is in the process of contacting key congressional players in Washington with the following proposal...

In the name of tolerance, and in order to demonstrate our trust and confidence in the Muslim-American communities across America, the Treasury Department should immediately begin enlisting young Muslim males from the mosques in Flint Michigan to form an all-Muslim Secret Service detail to protect President Obama.

It just makes sense.

Yes, it's time for those of us who preach tolerance to place our own butts on the line... And what bigger butt can be placed on that line than President Obama's?

I don't know about you, but those of us at Malott's Blog are ready to build some bridges!


1 comment:

Grammy said...

Great idea...but I think most of those jobs are already taken by large masculine women.