Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Eye Upon the Sparrow

This afternoon I put my truck in my garage for the night, and somehow three sparrows got trapped in my garage. I opened the door, but they couldn't seem to figure out how to fly out. Every time they tried, they flew high and found themselves trapped above the raised garage door. So I chased them around with a broom until they flew out... I thought all three were out.

About an hour later, I went into my garage to get a can of pork and beans, and I saw the third little guy sitting up in the corner. I said, "You're too stupid to live, so go ahead and die."

I came back inside and tried to forget about him. But I thought about my own life, my own stupidity, and my spiritual failures. I remembered that "He knows when a sparrow falls." And I thought of the old hymn that goes, "His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me."

So, I raised the garage door and started chasing my guest. But no matter what I did, he was just too stupid to fly into the light and be free. I finally had him cornered, and I picked him up in my hands, and carried him outside, and set him free.

I know God was watching.

So I will pray for the same mercy. I will pray for my friends and their sons. I will pray for their marriages and their worldly ways. I will pray that in spite of our stupidity... The Lord will step into the middle of our sin... Pick us up in His hands... And save us all.



Bekah said...

AMEN. I just got off the phone with my brother-in-law and told him that I couldn't believe how good God was to me today after some blatant disobedience on my part yesterday. I told him I sure wouldn't have been this nice to me. But I think I've appreciated His grace EXTRA today because I'm so aware I don't deserve a bit of it.

Grammy said...

Nice post! You know, the one that couldn't find it's way out wasn't really any stupider than the just wasn't as lucky. The others just happened to be in the right place to make it look like they were smarter and needed less help finding their way out. Kind of like us. In the safety of our middle class we just look like we don't need as much help as others whose sins and weaknesses are more exposed.