Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Notes from the Mire

Is it true that sometimes the best advice comes not from the mountain top, but from the poor schmuck struggling in the pit beside yours?
Probably not. But is that going to stop me?

Actually... Most of this comes from James McDonald of "Walk in the Word" fame. It concerns prayer.

1) Don't wait for trouble. Fast and pray regularly... And maybe God won't feel the need to "rock your world" - just to get your attention.

2) Make time. Don't "find time." Get up early. Turn off your favorite TV show. Preferably make a sacrifice to honor this time with God.

3) Get alone and on your knees. Praying on the toilet is attitudinally incorrect. "Standing" in the presence of God is attitudinally incorrect. Pray whenever you can - but make time for "alone and on your knees."

4) Put down your knife and fork and create a stressful fervency. And no, it doesn't make sense... Until you have done it.

5) Speak out loud.
-a) Your mind will wander less (remember where you are).
-b) Let your child or young adult hear you pray for them by name - and create the stuff that will follow them and influence them for the rest of their lives.

6) Pray in order: ACTS. Adoration... Confession... Thanksgiving... Supplication...

7) Use notes.

You were created. You were created to have "needs." You need oxygen. You need water. You need food. You need sleep. If you neglect these "needs" - you can't expect to live a healthy life.
Today's post is about something else you were created to need.

8) Start today.


Bekah said...

Aren't pit-mates partially intended to help others out of the pit? I hope so, anyway. Given that today was my prayer chapel day, this was a perfect preface to my lunch hour. I'm pretty passionate about number two on the list - trying to get some people to understand prayer is not something you squeeze in, but rather something you schedule first and THEN squeeze in other things around it...

But anyway, as a fellow mire-dweller on the way to the mountain top - good thoughts

Anonymous said...

How true,how true So true

Jacob said...

Magical thinking, as AV would say.