Sunday, December 09, 2012

Home Improvements

With the election results still giving me pain, I have decided to spend my money while it is still worth something.

I had my driveway paved, but you'll just have to imagine that. 

In my bedroom my TV sat upon ugly 5 foot tall shelves that were basically unstained pine boards screwed together... And my TV was tipped forward by placing the base on telephone books.

The mounting device shown below cost 50 bucks at Sam's Club and took 2 hours to install... but ten minutes of that were spent planning and another 45 minutes were spent pacing around worrying about it.  The ladder shelves cost 99 dollars at Sam's and took 90 minutes to assemble.  They match the color of my bedroom furniture.  The small light is connected to the bedroom's light switch.

The TV now swivels right and left and up and down.  The angle seen here is aimed at my pillow.

Some time in January I'll post pics of my new chairs and tables in my den... They haven't all arrived yet. 

In the spring I may sell my stocks and install replacement windows.  I figure the money I spend is money that Obama can neither confiscate nor devalue.



Christina said...

Someone near and dear to your heart has this advice to give:

"If your stocks have built in capital gains, you might consider selling them before the end of the year when the capital gains rate will likely go up."

Disclaimer: "Individual circumstances may vary, please see your personal tax advisor for advice."

Grammy said...

Truly something to think about. I'm most intrigued by the idea of scales at your bedroom door. Scales are anathema to me. I have just developed a sense of when my clothes start feeling too tight and then I do something about that...I won't tell you whether I buy new clothes or start watching what I eat better. Actually, history says that I do a little of both. But actual scales???? TMI and too depressing.

Anyway...Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We can still rejoice and our hearts still proclaim the greatness of the Lord.