Monday, November 26, 2012

Arizona Gun Store Owner Bans Obama Voters

Mr. Reynolds, owner of Southwest Shooting Authority says “business is booming” after his sign and newspaper ad caught the attention of various media outlets. The sign read: “If you voted for Barack Obama, your business is not welcome at Southwest Shooting Authority. You have proven you’re not responsible enough to own a firearm.”

“People are saying that I’ve alienated half of our customers,” Reynolds said, laughing. “No, I haven’t. I haven't alienated any of my customers, because the people who voted for Obama don’t buy guns here. They don't come here at all. I haven’t alienated. I’ve improved things. I have packages sitting on my desk to be shipped to places like Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Idaho, Nevada and California.”

He said he will not be conducting a litmus test to determine the customer’s political views but that he is considering giving discounts to registered Republicans and Libertarians.

Mr. Reynolds admits that there haven’t been any serious attempts by the Obama administration to change America’s gun laws, but he suspects that is coming now that the president has been reelected.

I love this story.  Obama and Washington may legislate us into decline, but freedom is an attitude of the heart, and it is a very subborn thing.  It will not bow and go away quietly.



SkyePuppy said...

No, it won't. If freedom goes down, it will do it with guns blazing.

Delta Vines said...

Good one Malott! You too Skye! Love this story.