Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rare Childhood Photos

Obviously I was not meant to be in this photo, but inadvertently wandered in front of the camera.  As I recall I was beaten mercilessly for ruining a photo of the favored children, my brother and sister.

The dull look on my face is surely due to malnutrition... And as is plainly seen, I had no toys such as those which adorn my siblings.

Always deeply reverent, my constant prayer was for God to send someone who would love me...  Still unanswered to this day.

This is me attempting to call Child Protective Services.  A severe beating followed.

This is my brother and sister instructing me on how I was to stand during my beating.

This is all I remember of my childhood... Guess  I've repressed everything else.



Bekah said...

I admit to giggling over a couple of your descriptions there, Mr. Chris... :)

Big hugs your way - happy Valentine's Day!

Grammy said...

Oh, how you suffered! It's mysterious why they kept you looking so clean and healthy looking. Usually children that suffer such abuse look a bit worn and weary.