Monday, October 31, 2011

"Where Da White Women?"
--Herman Cain

I assume they're white... I hope they're white!  It makes a much more intriguing stereotypical accusation if they're white!

Yeah, I think we can stick a fork into Herman Cain... He's done.  If you're a capable, smart, and conservative black man, you had better not be so uppity and presumptuous as to run for public office.  Didn't we learn anything from Clarence Thomas? 

And you can be certain that Cain is a Republican, because if he was a Democrat, the press would have crucified his accusers by now.

But I have to ask old Herman... Did you think these accusations weren't going to surface?  Do you think maybe you should have addressed them 6 months ago?

Geez.   Look, I hope this good man is a good man, and that his good name is restored...  But if I was betting, I don't think he will recover... Innocent or not.


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