Saturday, October 15, 2011

Closer to Home

Marian Malott is now a permanent resident at a nursing home which lies about a mile from my house.  She no longer recognizes the streets of the town she has lived in for 60 years, but she still recognizes her family.

This is a picture I took of her last weekend with her new great-granddaughter.  (Click to enlarge... Because you know you want to...)

When I visit her on warm days, I usually wheel her outside and out to the pond where we count the geese.  She seems to have developed a new laugh... I think it's a little girl's giggle. 

Mom was always a very generous woman... kind, friendly... But very proud. 

But the Lord has been faithful and has sanctified her... and she is no longer proud.  In fact I am confident that He is working miracles in her every day... as He polishes her up for the trip home.



Bekah said...

I like this post. You said it well.

Malott said...


Thanks. I know the Lord is still using Mom. She is a ministry and teaching tool for my entire family... Especially my wonderful sister.

Every family needs a Lisa.

Bekah said...

;) And all Lisa's cats, too, right?

Every family needs a Chris, too.

Yesterday at the women's conference, one of the speakers focused on the verse "She did what she could" and ended by saying none of us can do everything, or maybe even a lot of things, but we are responsible to do what we can, even if it's one little thing. And I would say your mom's still not done doing what she can. Sweet lady.

Grammy said...

How precious is this time of life?!?!? I'd swear you were writing about my mother. Mine became very girlie in the last year of her life...a little sweet, a little bratty (okay, maybe more than a little) and with a child-like wonder at little things. And she knew Jesus in a child-like way for the first time. Yours will probably skip the bratty part. I really know what you are feeling right now and you have a great perspective on it. What a blessing for you and her that you are close enough to visit often.

Malott said...


Like Norma, I think most of us have that child and child-like faith in us, but the cares of this world covers it up.