Saturday, July 30, 2011

Party Albums

Back in the early 60's when I was in grade school, the culture was gentler and more innocent.  There were two kinds of party albums in our home:  Bill Cosby, and The Smothers Brothers.   I had every word on the albums memorized because I listened to them over and over again on my sister's mono-speakered record player.  (This was before stereo)   I would mouth the words and pretend people thought I was funny.

I still pretend people think I am funny.

This is a classic early Smothers Brothers bit.  It's still funny.

And here is Jack Paar introducing a very young black comedian.



SkyePuppy said...

Now THAT'S comedy. My mom had Cosby's "Why Is There Air?" album, and one of the neighbors had the album with Fat Albert playing Tackle on it.

We didn't have the Smothers Brothers, but we watched them whenever they were on TV.

And as for cowboy movies, my roomie and I are leaving soon (oops! better finish getting ready) to see Cowboys and Aliens!!!

Malott said...


Let me know what you thought of the movie...

SkyePuppy said...


I loved the movie. It has lots of action, and mysteries are revealed a little at a time. Plus there's growth in some key relationships from the beginning to the end. Lots to like. Believable (if you can accept aliens in cowboy times, but why not, since we're just as backwards now compared to aliens as the cowboys were).

Delta said...

Funny! My favorite Cosby routine, though, is the visit to the dentist one. The Smothers Brothers were always funny. Some of the songs were a little - uh - gross. I'm thinking of the one I used to call "The Pickin' Song". Anywho, this was fun!