Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Who Is This?

Is it...  It looks like her... She seems to get used a lot in Indiana Wesleyan ads.

 I'd give worlds to know.


Christina said...

I'm not sure that's her. I thought so at first too...but when I look closer, I think it might be someone else.

Then again, I haven't seen her lately, so what do I know?

Malott said...


When you two were in college, and a camera appeared from somewhere... Did she sprint to get into the picture?

You can confide in me... I won't tell her.

Malott said...

OK... I think it's her... Christina thinks maybe not.

Before our Miss B visits and spills the beans, does anyone else have an opinion?





SkyePuppy said...

Bueller chiming in.

I think I'm with Christina on this. Close, but no cigar.

Malott said...


You mock me as always... Belittle me... Disparage my Hoosier sensitivities... You discredit me... You dismiss me... you deride, defy, decry, defame, denigrate...

Where was I going with this...

SkyePuppy said...

You forgot demonize.

Anonymous said...

I don't know. I don't think that's her blue shirt. But then the shirt in the second one isn't hers either, and that IS her. What do I know? I'm only her sister and I live far, far, away.

Malott said...

Far Away Sister,

Why would the Bits Girl wear other people's shirts? I never do that.

Thanks for dropping by... even if you shed little light...

The shirt thing is kind of interesting.

Delta said...

It looks like could be her...will she ever let us know?

Malott said...


I think our Miss B is very busy these days. You need to check out her blog - her going away party at work... Obviously she'll be missed.

Bekah said...

How did I miss this post???? Seriously how? I check your blog all the time!! wow. I feel bad now.

1) It's not me. But even I thought it was me when I first saw it. I'm not sure what that says about me or that I should have admitted that out loud.

2) Christina - you know a lot. :)

3.) NO I do not sprint to get in pictures. (I'm not as vain in real life as I come across.)

4.) I don't smoke cigars. Just in case there's any doubt.

5) Lori has a good memory about that shirt.

6) I don't normally wear other people's clothing but they wanted me to be a nurse for the picture and we ALL know I don't have the clothing for that.

7) You do not want me to be a nurse. Trust me.

8) Of course i say all this while sitting here in my newly borrowed station shirt.

Bekah said...

And another thing - that girl went through the seminary program and has been in quite a few of their promotional materials and I remember thinking when I saw the seminary book - she looks a lot like me!! She's in the quick video here: and you can see if you still think she's me!

Malott said...


So glad you cleared things up! When you didn't respond, I thought maybe my stupid comment to Christina had annoyed you!... And I hated the thought of that!

I'll check the link you posted... But I was absolutely sure that pic was of you.

Once again, good luck in Fort Wayne!

Malott said...

Was she the girl singing in the audience with the other girl playing the guitar?... She still looks like you!

Bekah said...

I'm pretty sure you've NEVER annoyed me. So don't you ever worry about that. (Unless you decide to take up being a true walmart shopper and then we'll have to sit down and have a talk.)

I didn't see a singer - she was just talking in the video I saw.

If you see anyone singing, you can KNOW that's not me.