Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Difference Between Men and Women

Difference #1:  Women hope to change their husbands.  Men hope their wives will not change.

Working in a hospital, I've worked with women all my life... And I have heard a thousand complaints about what husbands do and what they don't do.  The wives get ticked off... Feel powerless... They cry... They moan...

Men don't do that.  Men rarely complain to other people about their wives.  If their wife can't cook, they eat out or learn to cook themselves.   If their wives are lazy and keep a messy house, the husbands help  clean, clean it themselves, or get used to the mess.

"Why can't a woman be more like a man?"
--Professor Higgins

Of course this is a generalization, but I believe wives have a harder time accepting their mate as he is than do husbands.

I love women... always have... They are so much more sensitive, intricate, and interesting than men.   But I often want to tell them to accept the bum as he is, take the responsibility upon themselves to make the best of their lives... as best that they can...  And shut up.



Bekah said...

I know I'm a woman - so am I allowed to agree with you without being killed by my own kind?

Grammy said...

And that, my friends, is why we need to make a promise before God and witnesses!


SkyePuppy said...

My dear Chris, you have completely missed the point. Women. Must. Talk.

It's how we process things. (I think men process things by getting together and shooting hoops or something.)

When I was a young married lady with small kids, a bunch of us would get together at break times and talk about our husbands. I learned more valuable information from that about the Differences Between Men and Women, such as:

A man will not do anything his wife asks him to do at the time she asks. He will wait a certain amount of time, until he can say it was his idea not hers, and then he will do it. If she reminds him (aka, nags him) during that waiting period, the clock starts all over again.

Information like this has been helpful when my daughter's friend who lived with us for a while moved in with her boyfriend and would call me to complaint about the things he did. I could tell her, "That's how men are. Get used to it." Or, I could say, "Oh, that's him. Something's wrong."

So, Chris. Women are "messy" with their mouths that way. Get used to the mess and stop expecting them to be more like a man.

SkyePuppy said...

Oops. "Complaint" s/b "complain."

Malott said...


She came to that which was her own, but her own did not receive her, in fact they killed her.

Yes, it's scriptural.


Loved the song.


But it sounds as if you agree with my statement? I just shouldn't expect them to shut up...

SkyePuppy said...


No. You still don't get it.

Wives talk to each other so they can be reassured that their husbands are like all the other husbands, and the wives aren't going crazy like they thought they were from having to put up with a man around the house, and why can't he be more normal like women anyway?

If the men's wives are lazy, etc., the husbands don't do any of the things you said. They just spend more time outside the house at work or with their buddies (and hopefully not with a girlfriend). Because the wives shouldn't be so lazy and should be keeping things clean, and if HE can see that it needs to be cleaned, SHE should have seen it first and cleaned it so he doesn't have to, and he has to get outta here and go shoot some hoops or something.

And yes, you shouldn't expect the women to shut up.

Malott said...


I know I'm very ignorant in these matters... But I have an opinion about everything... And I just can't shut up.

Must be my feminine side.

SkyePuppy said...


Those qualities (opinion, can't shut up) are just two of the reasons I like coming here. :o)