Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Problems with The Donald

If there is an ego in North America that rivals Donald Trump's... I would have to be shown.  Trump has always displayed an undue appetite for fame and celebrity and the latest venue for his hunger is presidential politics.

In the past this penchant has displayed itself in less respectable, and some would say embarrassing ways... Like when he flew on a private jet with Michael Jackson to visit teenage Aids patient Ryan White.

Trump talks a good game when he discusses the economy, but I have never heard him expound on The Constitution and the importance of nominating strict constructionist judges who would interpret the constitution rather than legislate from the bench... And so many of our basic freedoms are contingent upon our next president embracing that basic concept.  The Donald says he can work with Democrats... Where have we heard that before?

Our nominee in 2012 must have full Tea Party support in order to beat an incumbent, and I believe that for the majority of Tea Party participants, social issues and Constitutional adherence are as important as he economy.

The Donald could win the nomination.  I don't believe he could win in November.



Delta said...

I think Donald could win the election. Not sure he's who I'd want to win, but, I think many disgruntled Obama supporters from 2008 would switch to the Republican ticket.

As far as the people who are "testing the waters" so far - I'm not crazy about any of them.

I want Stormin Norman or Bobby Jindal.

I won't hold my breath. :-)

Malott said...

Jindal exudes competence... Not sure if he is charismatic enough to win the primaries... But he would be an excellent president.