Tuesday, March 08, 2011

I've Had Enough Bush

So a couple days ago Obama goes to Florida... Basically a 2012 campaign stop... And there to embrace him and give him credibility with independents... Good old Jeb Bush.
Obviously, like his brother George, Jeb has the political instincts of a marshmallow.
When Jeb Bush embraced Obama... He embraced the vulgar political machine that trashes his brother to this day... He embraced the administration that laundered billions of stimulus tax dollars into the hands of unions which will invest those dollars in Democrat Campaign Coffers... He embraced the selfish, immoral political tactics that undercut our soldiers in Iraq and cost countless American lives... I could go on.
The context of the appearance was education, and "Obama Education" means the ultra-liberal National Education Association, which is in the process of turning our feckless public schools into the indoctrination centers that our universities have become.
The Deal: Obama took the stage and praised Jeb for his work improving Florida schools, work that Florida Democrats fought tooth and nail to discredit and undermine.
So, for a pat on the back, Florida RINO Jeb Bush, sells out and props up an incompetent socialist president and his Party of reprobates.
I hope the GOP has seen its last Bush.


Grammy said...

Are we really living in the Twilight Zone???

Malott said...


I think the Bush family was always "old guard"... They play to The Right, but they confide and identify with the country club Republicans. They fear being vilified in the press, made to look "unsophisticated," because that makes their friends uneasy.

Conservatives should look to those politicians like DeMint and Bachman... the ones who aren't afraid to be honest and blunt... who make no excuses for being traditionalists and conservative.