Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Bi-Cultural America

You've probably seen the PBS-Ron Schiller-Sting video that was filmed by James O'Keefe of ACORN-Sting fame.

It is striking to witness how east coast elites talk about middle-America conservatives, their values, and the Tea Party movement. I believe this attitude permeates Washington D.C. in both Parties and, of course, the media.

Their belief-system and culture... their "altered state," is foreign to all things traditionally American. These Left-Wing Elitists wield such power, and yet every poll indicates that they are in the minority. They are empowered by their unchallenged influence upon the ignorant, the lazy, and the gullible... And they are relentless in their efforts to undermine traditional and Christian values.

Schiller is suddenly no longer with Public Broadcasting... PBS executives approve of his beliefs, but not his indiscretion.

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