Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Bri-gay-de

So the "Don't Ass, Don't Tell" policy has given way to the possibility that gays may soon openly serve in the U.S. Military.

Throughout our nation's history gays have enlisted in the Military - it's where the boys are - and many have served heroically and with distinction. I guess for detractors it's a question of whether open gayness will have a deleterious effect upon morale.

I was thinking that maybe gay military guys could sign up for their own specialized gay units... Wouldn't they prefer that anyway? Why not let them design their own uniforms and accessorize as they see fit? Who knows, maybe gay units might specialize in attacking from the rear. And you know their food would be great... And they would have the cleanest barracks in the history of warfare.

I'm just afraid the fruits of this new policy may be cultural engineering and the politicizing of the military... Which is not what the military is for. It will be interesting to see if any gay recruits use the policy to test the limits of military discipline, and then lawyer-up when things don't go well. Will there be charges that gays are not promoted fairly?

I hope all that doesn't happen. I'm very pro-soldier, and I'm sure the vast majority of "guy soldiers who prefer guys" want to serve their country with honor, and would never want their personal lives to compromise the effectiveness and morale of their units. Don't Ass, Don't Tell seemed like an effective way to facilitate that. I fear that overturning it only facilitates axe grinding.

It's ask?


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