Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Thirty Days of Trump

After one month of the Trump Administration I wanted to make a couple comments...

This guy is a jerk.  I don't like his style.

1)  I can't think of anything he is pushing that I don't like.

2)  None...  Not one of the other Republican candidates if elected would have pushed for a southern border wall or attempted to keep out dangerous people from dangerous countries.  Trump is the only candidate determined to keep our country from becoming like Europe.

3)  What he says about the press is more true than untrue.

If John McCain and the rest of the Republican Party are smart they will stop grandstanding for liberal press approval and get to work fulfilling Trump's campaign promises.

They don't have to like Trump or his style, but they darn well better satisfy the desires of the voters, both Republican and yes... Democrats, who voted for him.


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