Friday, August 07, 2015

Rush Limbaugh is Gay for Donald Trump

The universe is making little sense today.  After the first Republican Debates last night I listened to Rush Limbaugh to hear his opinion on who played well and who didn't. 

All he talked about was Donald Trump... Seriously, I'm talking 90% of the 3-hour radio show....  And I don't understand the fixation.

I know that Trump is anti-Republican Establishment which is dear to Limbaugh's heart, but Ted Cruz is every bit the anti-establishment Republican, and is also a good man... A good man with a conservative record.

Trump has been all over the map in his politics and loyalties. 

Limbaugh is supposedly the Conservative's Conservative.  Why does he insist upon propping up this buffoon? 

And thanks the pathetic efforts of the FOX interviewers, (Is there anyone more full of herself than Meghan Kelly?)  we know nothing about what qualities Trump would look for in a  Supreme Court nominee... Who he would hire as advisers... What leaders he would pattern himself after...

What a waste of an opportunity to inform the voters.

And then Limbaugh appears to have gone insane.

It makes my head hurt.



Delta Vines said...

I like Megyn Kelly. I like some of the subject matter Trump brings up. However, I feel Gov Kasich, Scott Walker, or Marc Rubio would be a better president.

Malott said...

Hi Delta...
I think Rubio is the most electable, but if I could stick someone into the office without worrying about electability, it would be Ted Cruz.

Take care.

Christina said...

I'm late to the party (switched computers, didn't import bookmarks!), but I don't understand Rush's fascination with Trump either, unless he has some ulterior motive (such as not gushing over the best conservative candidates so as to sort of protect them from the spotlight?) I'm also wondering if Trump has a strategy to be the fall-guy, so to speak, and do the dirty work of proving that a candidate can be bold and politically incorrect and still get votes. Then once some other candidates catch on (if they do) he will fade away. It's just a thought, but I don't think Trump got to his position by being stupid, and I know Rush didn't, so maybe they both have an agenda.

Of the current field, I really like Ben Carson, but I don't know where he stands on a lot of things....I just know he's a devout Christian and he will defend Christianity. That's good enough for me.

I also really like Ted Cruz and I'm willing to entertain Rubio, but I'm not as sure of him just because I haven't done much research yet.

I will say, while I have no love for Trump in general and I don't think he's the best candidate by a long shot for president, I do appreciate his willingness to be completely politically incorrect and to fight back. I think his popularity with conservatives is based on the fact that so many of us are just absolutely fed up with cow-towing to liberals and letting them run over us and win the political debate with political correctness. I think it's time to be bold (well, it's way past time, but I sure hope someone starts soon.)