Thursday, July 23, 2015

Ross Trump and Donald Perot

When was the last time a bunch of stupid Republicans supported a hateful rich man in a third party candidacy, split the conservative vote, and got a Clinton elected?


Here we go again.



Grammy said...

Here's what I think for what it's worth...Sadly, I don't believe for a minute that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee. She'd be the easiest one to beat simply because she is soooooo unappealing. Curb appeal matters and she has none. They will be figuring that out soon. Bernie Sanders is too old for this and I don't know if they'll run with him, but he has curb appeal in a curmudgeon way. He's going to resonate with a lot of people who love class warfare. And they are going to suddenly realize they are socialists and, hey, what' wrong with that??? If Bernie Sanders was 20 years younger I'd say the Republicans are toast for the next 8 years at least. Due to lack of a good Democratic candidate so far I am really very optimistic about a conservative Republican getting back into the White House. I'm babbling.

Malott said...

I'm not sure your average Democrat voter is capable of dragging himself away from TV or Facebook long enough to realize just how unappealing Hillary is. It will be interesting to see if the media steps in and saves or sacrifices her.