Sunday, April 29, 2012

Living Angry

Michael Barone writes:
I don’t know how many times I’ve seen liberal commentators look back with nostalgia to the days when a young man fresh out of high school or military service could get a well-paying job on an assembly line at a unionized auto factory that could carry him through to a comfortable retirement.

As it happens, I grew up in Detroit and for a time lived next door to factory workers. And I know something that has eluded the liberal nostalgics. Which is that people hated those jobs.

It's a good article, but Barone left something out.  The jobs were boring and repetitive, but you have to figure in the fact that there was an ever-present union whispering into the workers' ears, telling them that they were being used and taken advantage of by the owners of the factory. 

The insidious spirit of envy, the union spirit, is being whispered daily into the ears of the American working class, and it is coming from the White House and the desks of liberal senators and congressmen.  Workers are told that if corporations and the rich would just cooperate and not be so greedy, then every worker in America could have a good job with great pay. 

The auto worker's union stuck it to management by making it next to impossible to fire an employee that was unproductive, and by striking to garner benefits that were not sustainable.

The government sticks it to businesses and the rich men that run them by levying taxes and burdensome regulations.

...And the American economy is looking more like Detroit every day.


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