Monday, September 12, 2011

Malott Eats Fish

OK... So I have been a big beef, pork, and chicken eater all my life... Which is probably why bachelors such as myself die young.  But I have recently developed a love affair with baked fish.  My girlfriend from college, who lives in Maryland not far from the Chesapeake Bay, who occasionally tosses an email my way... She told me about "Old Bay Seasoning" that the local crab shacks use.  She said it would be good on fish!  I found it at WalMart and have used it liberally on frozen Tilapia fillets that I bought at Sam's Club. 

Old Bay Seasoning is produced somewhere near Baltimore... Her old stomping grounds.

The Tilapia fillets come individually wrapped and I bake them at 350 for 30 minutes... Delish!

Today I bought a big bag of "Swai" fillets from Vietnam... only eleven bucks.  I had never eaten communist fish before, but tonight I tried them and they are almost as good as the Tilapia.  If my butt doesn't itch in the morning I figure they either have no parasites, or the baking process killed them.  I'll let you know.



Christina said...

Yep....Old Bay is good stuff.

Malott said...


OH! I had forgotten where you hailed from!

The Delaware-Maryland border... You know all about this stuff!

Delmar... Delaware-Maryland.

Did I ever tell you that I originally had acquired directions to Marydel... another border town where I would have missed your wedding entirely...