Monday, May 02, 2011

Intelligence and Politics Forces President Obama's Hand?

Evidently the intelligence that led to Usama Bin Laden's death on Sunday originated in August of 2010.  That's nine months ago... nine months of gestation... nine months that a murderer avoided justice.

I'm glad this piece of the puzzle has been placed.  Bin Laden has long been the poster boy for the millions and millions of murderous-Muslim-monsters scattered around the world.   But I won't be rallying around our President and praising his actions... Not just yet.

We will be learning more about the timeline of what we knew and when we knew it, but based upon President Obama's actions and sympathies in the past, I wonder if this president acted only when he had no other choice... When not acting threatened him politically.  We will see.

But today it is proper to celebrate a justice long overdue.


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