Monday, July 12, 2010

My Backyard

I love my backyard. This thing hangs near the foot of my hammock, and the only thing that disturbs my reading is when two little buddies of mine come to visit it.

I have two of these... I don't know what they are, but I have to mow around them. On the left in the first picture is the green pole of my clothes line, where at least once per year I hang my bedsheets to dry in the wind... makes them smell so good.

Below are some onions I recently harvested. They will dry for a few days and then be stored in my garage.


Bekah said...

Someday...I will own a hammock. If nothing else, it will be great blog fodder (stories of trying to get in and out). :)

Love the pics!

SkyePuppy said...

I store my onions at the grocery store. They've been kind enough to keep my onions out on display, so I can get one or two anytime I need one.

Which variety of little buddies do you get at your feeder? In the cities, we pretty-much only get Anna's hummingbird.

Malott said...


I've never fallen out... I've fallen asleep several times...


They're little green dudes... a lightly colored (I suppose) female, and a darker colored (I suppose) male.

SkyePuppy said...

Thank you, Chris. I know exactly which little dudes you get.

Grammy said...

I think your tree is a Rose of Sharon: